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Featured Artist.....24/02/2017......Jelixa

Jelixa is a Pop/House Recording Artist Sensation, born November 6, 1980 in Brooklyn, New York, to Puerto Rican parents just like Jennifer Lopez, except J.lo was born in the Bronx. At the age of two Jelixa would dance on the coffee table and imitate the famous performer from Puerto Rico "Iris Chacon", a very popular singer/ dancer from Puerto Rico. As she progressed to the age of four, Jelixa would grab a hairbrush, remote control etc… and start imitating other singers. That's when the real first glimpse of her potential to someday become a dancer and singer was noticed.

At four and half years old Jelixa's father past away, and a year later her Mom moved to Texas and took Jelixa and Jelixa's older brother along with her. But even after the death of Jelixa's father, she would always dance to the Latin and Motown Music her mother played daily, and Jelixa would once again, as usual, be found dancing and singing to Marc Anthony, The Supremes, Michael Jackson, Prince, Madonna and other artist's songs.

While attending Watauga Middle School, Jelixa joined the Choir; it was obvious to those who heard and knew her that the love of music was in her! She was chosen by a group of girls from her school to play as "Jazmine" from the Disney Movie Alladdin, and she continued to stay in Choir all through Haltom High School as she competed in singing competitions and won medals. Jelixa is surely a sensation to watch and listen to!

She has a unique sound of "Beta Music" that consists of a variety of styles and genres composed into a unique fusion of contemporary sounds. Jelixa is a treat to hear and watch perform live. Her music is hot and sassy with miles of sweet grrrl swagger. Overall, Jelixa's lush music and sassy vocals exude a cool urban vibe perfect TV and Film, high fashion, catwalk, and miles of romantic BF problems. "Once again the Beta Music artist Jelixa is giving us a taste of her uniqueness and variety and she hasn't slacked up one bit as to showing us why she is called the "Beta Music" artist."

Jelixa: "My Beta Music Collection Vol.1" an Upbeat, Uplifting and Energetic Body of Work! Posted By: Rick Jamm April 07, 2014

Jelixa has released her 15-track album, "My Beta Music Collection Vol.1" plus her latest singles "BootCamp" and "I'm Steppin Out", to put down the solid foundation she knows she must have to take her dream into reality. The album and the singles have an essentially pop-feel, mixed with a mosaic of rousing dance rhythms, which surprisingly works out to be an interesting listening experience. The tracks flow well into one another despite that they may belong to slightly different genres of music. This is obviously due to the faster tracks sharing a similar feel of vigor and rich, full sounds, together with Jelixa's well-rounded vocal chords. The album is even more appealing if you like dance music. More than two thirds of "My Beta Music Collection Vol.1" is comprised of great upbeat tracks that you can easily groove to. Jelixa's voice is enthralling, as it excellently complements her style of vocal delivery. The comparisons to J.Lo are pretty obvious but I don't think Jelixa is trying to sound like any other diva, she knows she has her own style and voice and doesn't have to try to copy anyone else. I think the fact that they have a slightly similar timbre and tone is simply a pure coincidence.

Jelixa's rich, sweet voice paints a picture of dreams ready to be realized, as the vocal promise of this rising young star is completely visible in some of her recordings. Aside from "Egotistic",  "My Fantasy" and "Cancer I Don't Want You Here", strangely enough I found the most significant evidence of this, on two cover songs, Bruno Mar's "Everyday It'll Rain" and "If I Die Young" by Band Perry. Which brings me to the crucial one-million-dollar question; are we certain that the genre of material on her album matches the quality and emotion Jelixa's voice is ultimately capable of?

Don't get me wrong "My Beta Music Collection Vol.1" is upbeat, uplifting and an energetic body of work, that will entertain a broad spectrum of fans and music lovers alike. While the personal performances that Jelixa puts into the music is absolutely captivating.
It's just that, being a music producer, when I hear talent, there is always a little seed of doubt that grows in my mind. Does her production team endeavor to push Jelixa's talents to the limits she is capable of? Or is everyone just happy with her being a great singer? But if great's the goal, then she's already there. Isn't time to discover what's beyond 'great'? Rihanna did. Beyoncè did. Alicia Keys did. The list goes on, but need I say more?

Reading her life story though, I think great is not good enough for where Jelixa knows, desires, and needs to be heading. She's ready to move to the next level, to push the envelope and break out of her comfortable zone. She needs to spread her wings and fly as high as her talent will allow her to. She's ready right now! It's just that everyone else who support and sustain her, need to be ready too!






Jelixa's Video Sampler from Jelixa Rodriguez on Vimeo.

If You Love Me from Jelixa Rodriguez on Vimeo.

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