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Featured Artist.....03/02/2017......

SUPERFIX is a Supercharged Alternative Hard Rock Band from Los Angeles featuring Kalen Chase (KoЯn) on vocals.
"In this day and age, with thousands of bands competing to rise to the top, it is refreshing to hear something as exciting as SUPERFIX..." Rock Magazine

SUPERFIX is a supercharged alternative metal/hard rock band that has emerged from the Los Angeles area. Kalen Chase (former touring member of KoЯn) takes the stage as the unique and massively talented frontman.

When you hear SUPERFIX it will all make sense; it is the perfect combination of original and energetic, cutting edge, suspenseful verses that lead to huge rewarding choruses that you can’t help but sing along to. If SUPERFIX doesn’t mesmerize you with the clever and catchy lyrics, the incredible intertwining vocal and guitar melodies will. And those of you who can appreciate a captivating stage performance…..you won’t want to miss a minute of a SUPERFIX show….because SUPERFIX is all about connecting with the audience…..emotionally, and sometimes even physically (Kalen is known to venture into the depths of the crowd during a performance). SUPERFIX has performed with many great national acts such as: All That Remains, TRAPT, L.A Guns, CKY, guitarist from KORN, Munky and his band, Fear and the Nervous System, Orgy, Queenscryche, as well as many other great acts

SUPERFIX has recently completed and released their self titled debut album and has also just finished a full production video for the song Invasion which they are planning on packaging with an EP late 2014.

Stayed tuned for much more to come from this inspiring and musically refreshing band.



Kalen Chase



CD Reviews Superfix - 'Superfix' (Self Released)
Written by Ross Welford   
Monday, 08 December 2014 03:20

"Superfix is a supercharged hard rock band from Los Angeles with Kalen Chase (Korn) on vocals."

That pretty much tells you all you need to know about this band. Whilst I wouldn't exactly call Chase a member of Korn - he toured with them as a backing musician circa '06/'07 and also recorded a never released side project with Jonathan Davis (Sexual Gyrations Of The Universe) - I'm no doubt that the association will do them no harm at all.

This band produce energetic verses and rewarding choruses and Chase is a very decent vocalist who just adds to the quality of music on show. Superfix's influences are bands such as Deftones, Bullet For My Valentine and All That Remains - and you can definitely hear that in their impressive songs and this would no doubt appeal to all those fans without much effort. There's a big hint of Chester Bennington/Linkin Park, especially in a song such as the excellent 'The Dream' but there's plenty of their own individuality on show for them to be an impressive outfit on their own - and equaling the output of their influences without a doubt.

There's not one duff track on here and every song will quickly become a favourite - some hit you straight across the head whilst others breed and slowly get inside your brain to be discovered on the next listen. Their debut video track 'Invasion' is a perfect example of this - guns and bikinis in case you're interested in watching it...

In an age where bands identikit themselves to the point of boredom to the listener for the sake of shifting units (especially American bands) Superfix seem to have created the perfect response by producing an album. An old school album that dips and weaves, that smashes and seduces and one that is deserving of your attention.

Strangely compelling. I'm amazed they're not bigger. Facebook Reverbnation Twitter Instagram

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