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Vashti Stopher Klein
Featured - 24/Nov'/2017

Francesca Brown
Featured - 17/Nov'/2017

Antun Opic
Featured - 29/Dec'/2018

Andrew Cole & The Bravo Hops
Featured - 05/Jan'/2018

Chase Bell & White Licorish
Featured - 15/Dec'/2017

Featured - 01/Dec'/2017

Featured - 10/Nov'/2017

El Flowious
Featured - 15/Dec'/2017

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It can be hard to understand lyrics from a Willie song. Upon review though, this might be one thing that technology is not going to make easier. A study matched between ace transcriptionists in one corner vs. IBM Watson in the other was a first round KO. Looks like the computers won’t be able to help you figure out the lyrics in that Dixie Chicks song. Maybe it will help wash your blues away knowing that musical transcription is one job safe from machines.



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