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Hong Kong


New York-USA


Featured Artist.....05/Jan'/2018......

We banded together in the summer of 2014 and released our debut album "Out of the Sunshine" in October 2014. Cole, percussionist Patrick Reynolds, and bass player and producer Al Hemberger recorded the album in live sessions at Hemberger's legendary Loft Recording Studios in Bronxville, NY. Lead guitarist Tim Petty later joined the band for our first live performance and on our second album "Everything Is Glass," which was released in the Fall of 2015. 

More recently, the band has been joined by Bobby Renner on drums, and we released our third album - River Talk - in September 2017. Centered around Cole's original songs, the band plays bluesy, country rock melodies interwoven with percussion, harmonica and acoustic guitar instrumentals.

In "Everything is Glass", Andrew Cole & The Bravo Hops fuse vivid songwriting with blues-infused, country-tinged rock n' roll. Following his lauded debut album, "Out of the Sunshine" (2014), Cole teamed again on this new album with veteran bassist and producer Al Hemberger and jazz-trained percussionist Patrick Reynolds.

The band also welcomed guitarist Tim Petty, forming The Bravo Hops. Together they tell vibrant stories about people living ordinary and extraordinary lives -- from working on an apple farm to searching for a lost son.

The album was recorded in live full band sessions at The Loft Recording Studies in New York in September and October 2015.


Andrew Cole

Andrew grew up in Maine and now lives in Pelham, NY. He has been writing songs and playing acoustic guitar for over 20 years. Drawing inspiration from his own experiences as well as books, articles and art, Cole’s songs tell vivid stories about people living ordinary and extraordinary events - from racing a hurricane to working on an apple farm to meeting the girl of their dreams. Some musicians who inspire him are Beck, JJ Grey, Jim James, John McCauley (Deer Tick), Ray LaMontagne, Slaid Cleaves, Steve Earle, Susan Tedeschi (and the list goes on and on).
In addition to playing music, Cole is an avid saltwater fisherman and homebrewer.  He has used American grown bravo hops in many tasty brews, which is how the band name - The Bravo Hops - was born.

Patrick Reynolds


Patrick Reynolds lives in New York, NY and has been playing the drums since he was 10 years old.

He has performance experience with jazz, rock, classical and funk music, and has been known to occasionally wander on stage to play with wedding bands.

Al Hemberger

Al is a husband, dad, recording engineer, music producer, songwriter, bassist and environmentalist. He lives in Cold Spring, NY with his wife, Hope and their two daughters. Al and his brother Ted own and operate The Loft Recording Studios in Bronxville, NY, which was originally founded in 1968 as a children's Film and Theatre Center. Al wrote songs for twenty shows during his tenure as The Loft's music director.
He was always interested in recording and during the eighties the Loft space evolved into three recording studios with supporting offices. The Loft has since hosted hundreds of artists including Rihanna, Richard Shindell, Dave Koz, The Jonas Brothers, Rod Stewart, Donny Osmond, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, NSync, Taj Mahal, John Hammond, Procol Harum, The Skatellites, and The Average White Band. Al has worked in studios from LA to London to Toronto to Nashville to Barbados.
In addition to The Bravo Hops, Al also enjoys playing with many other bands and songwriters including The Renovators, Tiki Daddy, Breakneck Ridge, The Costellos, Los Chinese, and Annie and the Natural Wonder Band. Most people do not know that Al is smiling all the time; you just can't see it. Even when he has no beard, his smile barely shows. He is also able take a nap anywhere, on very short notice.
You can learn more on Al and The Loft on Facebook and elsewhere on the web. Google him for more info.

Tim Petty


Tim hails from the mean streets of Bronxville, NY. 

His passion for music was sparked at an early age when he started playing saxophone at PS#8. 

His guitar playing draws inspiration from the likes of Eric Clapton, Nels Cline, Kyle Gass and Ernest Anastasio.

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