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Featured Artist.....29/Dec'/2017......

“I don’t feel ‘home’ anywhere” says Antun Opic. With his dual origins from both Germany and Croatia, the singer-songwriter lets his sense of rootlessness feed into his work as an artist to create an opus born from the amalgamation of all his musical influences. As varied in musical style as it is in national inspiration, the album “has nothing to do with Balkan music”, a point which Antun hastens to make clear – his music draws on ideas from many different sources without hierarchy.

Having gathered intimate knowledge of performance through his time touring with the punk cabaret group “Strom & Wasser”, Antun returns with a solo project formed in collaboration with his old guitar teacher Tobias Kavelar and acoustic bassist Horst Fritscher. His eponymous trio constitutes the core ensemble, which according to the spirit of the album occasionally flexes to include other guest instrumentalists.

Indeed, versatility is an important part of Antun’s musical ethos – he plays an unconventional blend of world music, blues, and pop; allowing blaring trumpets to meet a swinging banjo, while gospel choirs are jubilating in the background. Sometimes the guitar  romanticises in the style of Django Reinhardt, sometimes, it devotedly enthrals the listener in the manner of Paco de Lucia. In some of his songs, Antun Opic includes passionate gypsy and fiery flamenco only to recall Paul Simon's African borrowings in others.

The particular nature of the band also enables adaptibility – playing both acoustically and with amplification, their music can encapsulate and transmit a panoply of different atmospheres, through “blind understanding” (T. Kavelar). Nevertheless, it is not through the desire to touch a wider audience that Antun Opic chooses to sing in English as opposed to his native German or Croatian – the reasoning is twofold. As well as being the lingua franca for the Anglo-American pop/rock genre which “has been inspiring him ever since his early youth”, English also provides for Antun the doorway to a “new soul” through which he can write with some objective distance.

The stage characters Antun creates may be as he puts it “people you wouldn’t really want to know”, as is the case with his track The Informer, but perhaps this too is at the essence of Antun Opic’s appeal – he writes as the lingering one percent of our minds which we try to ignore. He writes from a multinational outlook with a result that evades geographical or genre classification, and approaches timelessness.

Having released his first demo album on his own digital record label “Antuned”, his self-produced debut “No Offense” will finally follow this year in summer.



the result is boldly ambitious, remarkably good and hugely enjoyable” (Simon Holland, Folk Radio UK) Read the whole article here

"Antun Opic is the real song-writing deal. A rare talent" (Claire Davies, MusicRadar UK) Read the whole article here

"I guess you could put him in the ‘singer/songwriter’ camp but that would eschew his classical edges and you could say that he is a writer of love songs but there is a deeper philosophy than that. He is an anomaly and after listening to this album maybe a dozen times I am still desperately struggling to work out how to explain him – I only know that this is one of the best albums I have heard this year – or probably in recent years." (Andy Snipper, Music News UK) Read the whole article here

"One of my favourite things is to discover an album that has moments full of charm and interesting melodies from an artist that deserves to be known a lot more by the end of the year. The artist is Antun Opic and that charming album is titled No Offense." (Adam Carroll, Seen It Heard It, UK) Read the whole article here

"In some ways the album keeps you hooked in due to its almost bipolar nature of the tracks switching between the quirkier cabaret, and those more folkier aspects. Yet this also lends itself to the album wanting to be listened to again and again as you try and work out what is happening, and uncovering it’s many layers. I hope to be hearing more from Antun Opic, it strikes me that there is a wealth of stories and experiences to be told, or rather shared. I cannot wait to sit and listen to them." (RockReGeneration, UK) Read the whole article here

"With so much going on is his music, it’s hard to know where to start with Antun Opic. Well, no, the place to start is this: it’s awesome. After that you can mention his Croatian/German roots, the fact he used to be in a punk cabaret band, the flamenco and gypsy influences, the bluesy feel or the Paul Simon leanings. Ultimately though, you keep coming back to the same thing: it’s awesome." (Ali Mason, For Folk's Sake UK)

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