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Featured Artist.....28/July/2017

With musical influences like Nas, JayZ, 50 cent, The Wu-Tang Clan, Sean Paul, and others, BSTARR offers a unique sound unlike anything heard in music today. His sound combined with a remarkable stage presence helped him to be featured on world renowned Mixtape Coast 2 Coast; TOP 50 UNSIGNED; an exclusive concert at an event in the penthouse in The Wright Venue in Dublin; and led to his recent signing with indie powerhouse Tabletop Records.

BSTARR'S artistic passion and hunger for music leads him. "The pen and paper are my outlets", he says, "They help me tell my story to all who will listen." it's where he tells his full story in a form of inspiration and hope to all who listen. That attitude and drive helped BSTARR compose and co-write a song for the Andy Morgan Foundation Buddy Bench anti-bullying campaign.

BSTARR'S loudest message is this: "I hope to show others how to be motivated to success by following their dreams to the end".


BSTARR – 'Sweet Tooth' July 18, 2017 by Bryon William

BSTARR is a reggae/hip hop artist out of Bajan, in the country of Barbados (home of music sensation Rihanna). At a young age, BSTARR relocated to Boston, MA where he was raised. As a child, he was always drawn to the sound of hip hop but wanted to keep true to his roots by adding in elements of West Indies music to his productions. His passion and talent has landed him features on the world renowned Mixtape Coast 2 Coast, TOP 50 UNSIGNED; an exclusive concert held at the penthouse in The Wright Venue in Dublin. He is also signed with the indie powerhouse label Tabletop Records. His song, "Sweet Tooth" is being released  by Tabletop Records in partnership with multi-platinum producer Keith Clizark and Team Mashn.  "Sweet Tooth" is the perfect way to introduce yourself to BSTARR's chart making sound.

The song begins with a bright ukulele progression soon joined by the entrance of grooving percussion and ambient synths. As the first verse begins, the bass drops as BSTARR enters singing, "So is me step inna de place/first thing me notice, beauty a ya face girl/me nah have no time fe a waste /so let me mek haste and deal with ya case girl."  

"Sweet Tooth" presents top-notch, radio-ready production.  Combined with the easy-going, melodic flow of BSTARR, the song has all the makings of  a top 40 hit. The simple arrangement compliments the memorable melody in the hook as he sings, "Baby come close gyal/let me whine ya slow and dip it low gyal/baby hold me tighter than a rope gyal/everybody ah fe know /me got a sweet tooth fa you."  

Have a sweet tooth for great hip hop infused with pop world music?  "Sweet Tooth" is sure to satisfy your craving and leaving you wanting more.   
With BSTARR's infectious sound he will undoubtedly amass a large following with hits like "Sweet Tooth." BSTARR's passion and dedication to his music is definitely an inspiration.  "Sweet Tooth" is now on sale.

Stay tuned with all the latest from BSTARR on his artist page.

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