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Featured Artist 08/Dec'/2017.....'Chase Bell & White Licorish'

An indie pop/rock group that performs original music which is based in Central Italy. Chase Bell, the band's principal songwriter and lead singer, formed the group after searching the region for their best musicians for a 2012 charity concert to raise funds for "PSP" - Paralysis Super Nuclear Palsy, which Chase produced with accomplished Italian actress/performer Alessia Bonacci.

After numerous performances in Rome and the Umbria Region (located between Rome and Florence), Chase Bell & White Licorish recorded their first album, "SkyWords," which in 2012 won second place in a nationwide music contest on Radio Uno (one of the largest radio stations in Italy) with their seventies funk song "Met Your Match." In 2013, the band won first place in the contest with their bluesy anthemic "Drummer Inside." The live recorded acoustic version of their harmonically enticing "A Boy," one of nine tracks on the album, was featured in the award winning indie film "Life Inside Out" in 2013.

In September 2014 their 5 song EP I know U U know Me was released which features Chase's sister Emma Bell, an accomplished actress known for her work in film and tv including the show Dallas.

I know U U know Me retains the live prescence that Chase Bell & White Licorish are known for while smoothing out the edges and adding a more "Pop" refinement. The prolific film composer Darius Campo added his touches on the final song "Savior" which is a cinematic and grandious enlivening song about humanity.

In December of 2014 the band will again be performing with the charity show "Forza di Vivere" and other concerts throughout Italy. Their unnamed 3rd studio project will be announced soon.



“At its core though, I’d say CB&WL’s music is American Pop, but the songs have been truly transformed by Italian arrangements and instrumentation to create an original pop-rock sound.”

Chase Bell - Chase Bell & White Licorish – An American Pop-Rock Band in the Green Heart of

“For music reviewer and author Eric J Baker Cats And Dogs is the standout track from the EP "I know U U know Me." Baker wrote,"Cats and Dogs, which alternates between sparse, introspective verses and big wall-o-sound choruses to great effect."”

Eric J Baker - Music Review: I Know U… will dig Chase Bell’s new 5-song mini album!

“I absolutely love this album! Especially the song "Happy Anyway". Love the richness of meaning and the amazing dreamy voice of Chase Bell!!! Already added to my favourite playlists!”

Valentino K. - Fan Review of Album "SkyWords"

"The best word I can use to describe Chase Bell & White Licorish’s music is 'organic.' From an old-school guy like me, that’s a big compliment."

Eric John Baker - Album Review: Chase Bell and White Licorish

"La serata, è stata un gran successo...Alla serata hanno partecipato molti artisti, tra cui il famoso gruppo umbro dei Cab2, la band Chase Bell & White Licorish... e Alessandra Parisi..." English Translation: "The show was a big success... With the participation of many artists, including the famous Italian Umbrian band Cab 2, and the group Chase Bell and White Licorish, and Alessandra Parisi..."

Umberta Castellano - Insieme per Rino

“The songs of this album bring an artistic freedom that I miss so much in the current songs. That is why I like to listen them. Because I feel honesty in their songs. At the same time, the mixes of rhythm make this album able to touch the hearts around the world in uncountable ways...”

Marcia Carolina - CD Baby Album Review

““I am extremely excited to be working as the publicist for Chase Bell and White Licorish. Chase is a very talented young man and with his band mates they have created something that is not only universal and international in its sound, but also a perfect mix of styles. I really believe they are going to get a lot of people’s attention over here, as they have already in Europe."”

Harris Management - HM Blog

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