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Kellys Lot
Featured - 29/Sep'/2017

Shiny Glide
Featured - 22/Sep'/2017

Stacy Jones
Featured - 27/Oct'/2017

Featured - 13/Oct'/2017

Michael Owens
Featured - 06/Oct'/2017

Featured - 10/Nov'/2017

Featured - 20/Oct'/2017

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Hong Kong


New York-USA


Featured Artist.....03/Nov'/2017......

Formed in 2011, Conceptz is a hip-hop based duo from Orange County, New York.

The duo consists of Short Fuze (Fuze 4 Short) and Highrowglyphfix (HRGF). They're both brothers and although people confused them as twins, they're actually 10 years apart. They released their first mixtape entitled "Euphoria" in May of 2012. Surprisingly the tape did very well accumulating over 20,000 downloads on Datpiff.com and one song earned a spot on MTV's 10 on Top, Colorado Rockies Broadcast and ROOT Sports Network. The group took a one year hiatus from putting out music to build up an extensive catalog.

One year later, the group decided to drop their first indepenent album entitled "The Album" in May of 2013. The cd did fairly well in cd sales, but opened doors and opportunities for the group. Off that cd alone, they were able to perform at the BET Awards After Party in Los Angeles, California. After much success from "The Album," the duo went on to release three more mixtapes later that year. "Speakers Loud, Ex-Girlfriends (Based off the Novel by LeRoy C. Brown Jr. and Grown & Sexy" all did very well on the internet and gave the group a lot of fans, credibility and deeper passion. The group also released about 20 singles every Friday for about two to three months to showcase their creativity. Some of these singles included features from mainstream artists Rick Ross & Gucci Mane.

Still grinding and hustling, the group ended up landing a interview spot on Shade 45. Still trying to pursue their dream, the group eventually released yet another promising project entitled "Marble Floors & Gold Ceilings." Probably one of their best works, the cd did exceptionally well as far as demographics go and it really showed how professional the group was becoming. It had great features from Wiz Khalifa, Tony Toni Tone to independent acts such as Aphir.Soon after, the group start working with Fashion companies, TV networks and advertising agencies to better expand their brand. They also write music for other independent artists AND big name corporations on their spare time.

We are the future of music. We can write songs about anything. Although that may sound cliche, our team is capable of creating songs that can fit any genre and any setting to help you market and brand your product, company, corporation, etc.


"Conceptz puts in the grind to be ahead of the game" Mina Kirani - Skilly Magazine

“Conceptz claim their spot in Hip-Hop” Latishea Etienne - Celebrity Examiner

“Conceptz takes a stand on bullying” TOTS Promo - TalkOfTheStreets.com

“Great Hip-Hop Duo with Incredible Music” Rainy Davis - Rainy Songs: All Digital Music Distribution Services

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