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Featured Artist.....25/Aug'/2017......Mollys Daggers

'A melting pot of music beautifully woven into a modern day masterpiece and a tour de force live. Mollys Daggers have it all' - Nick Gavrilovic, Placebo.

'A barn-storming testimonial to the golden years of the guitar' - Its All Indie (9/10)

Issuing forth like steely knives, Mollys Daggers have unleash their debut album 'Prima Materia' (June 3), preceded by single 'Leaves on the Trees' (May 6) on Electric Soup Records.

Riding a blues-tinged psychedelic rock train right through Nashville and Motown. Mollys Daggers were founded in the bosom of Molly Malone herself. Not the legendary Irish fish selling lady of the night, nor the silent movie film star of the 1920s, but the equally infamous Essex public house.

Lead single 'Leaves on the Trees' and free download '44 Stone Jenny' hint at their impressive range - the former a face blasting, guitar-led ode to sexual pleasure, and the latter a beautifully melodic Country inspired 1957 Rockabilly dream.

'Prima Materia' is a casket full of treasures made with the LP format in mind - an immersive listen that flits between ragged bluesy riffs and ethereal reveries. Oscillating between raging heartbreak and desire, at times it screams from the gutter, and at others it tantalises with ornate musicality.

Firing up a warehouse in darkest Hackney, they've landed a buzzing monthly residency that crams in all manner of tearaways and music lovers. While London mechanically glosses into another branch of Costa, this semi derelict spot is the secret hiding place keeping the spirit of Rock n Roll alive. We recommend you check out Mollys Daggers before they come at you like howling thieves in the night.

Using 100% analogue methods, The album was recorded using analogue techniques at London's Gizzard Studios by Ed Deegan (The Cribs, Mudhoney, Mark Ronson) & mastered by Noel Summerville (The White Stripes, The Clash).

The result is a glinting blade of a record forged with the long player format in mind. Flitting between ragged blues & ethereal reveries, alongside singles Zin-uru & Shakin' Like the Leaves on the Trees,are melodic rockabilly dreamsong 44 Stone Jenny, riff-heavy classic rocker Sweet Mama & the live favourite Spoon of Your Sugar with its greaser growl.

Mollys Daggers were forged in the womb of infamous Essex public house Molly Malones by Daniel Wood, Ed Sheldon, Rich Smith & Pat Gavrilovic. Fortified by cheap beer & driven by a desire to see landfill indie truly buried, the band took to the hallowed stages of North London's clubs like so many rock & roll prophets before them. These days they keep the torches lit playing to like-minded rogues in a secret East London location.

Prima Materia is a call to music lovers & punk rock strays to charge their glasses & raise a toast to the only game in town. With tour dates soon to be announced, we recommend you catch Mollys Daggers before they charge screaming into the night.

For more information & gig details please visit the band's website.

Relevant Links:

Facebook: mollysdaggers
Twitter: @MollysDaggers
Soundcloud: Mollys Daggers
Instagram: mollys_daggers
YouTube Channel: Mollys Daggers Official
Email: mollysdaggers@gmail.com

For more information please contact: Futureproof Promotions Tel: 020 7792 8597 / 07956 514 897 Email: info@futureproofpromotions.com

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