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Kellys Lot
Featured - 29/Sep'/2017

Shiny Glide
Featured - 22/Sep'/2017

Federico Carro
Featured - 01/Sep'/2017

The Bath Salt Zombies
Featured - 15/Sep'/2017

Deya Dova
Featured - 18/Aug'/2017

Michael Owens
Featured - 06/Oct'/2017

Featured - 15/Sep'/2017

Mollys Daggers
Featured - 25/Aug'/2017

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What a year it has been for the Australian duo, Studeo.

Chris and Jeremy are now releasing their third EP for 2017 and have included another three of their songs which follow the positive theme of the first two EPs.
The new EP, "Our Perfect Place to Be", was written whilst travelling in Thailand and it showcases the level of collaboration that these two have achieved in their songwriting.

It is difficult to pin down the genre of their songs as they all vary and are a result of their musical tastes and influences. However, they do retain the signature features of Studeo's music, so when you listen to the tracks you will know from the harmony guitar parts, vocal harmonies and well constructed songs that yes, this is Studeo……

The first Studeo EP, "Studeo" was released in January 2017 and has been well received by fans and followers. The two singles from this EP have achieved some solid chart success with "I want to make you mine " reaching #4 on the US Fan Voted Chart and Don't want to play these games" achieving #9 on the UKs Spectrum Radio Countdown Top 40. Early in the year Studeo's third member and guitarist (Russell Zimmer) left the band to pursue his personal projects. The remaining duo, Christine and Jeremy Stork, have moved forward writing over a dozen songs so far this year and travelling to the US to pursue opportunities to further develop their careers.

Studeo's second EP, "This Time", was released on 1 July 2017 by CD Baby and is available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and most internet music outlets globally. This Time features 5 great tracks which have been written over the past 12 months. Inspiration for Studeo's songs is often stimulated when Studeo are travelling and they always seem to come home with a couple of new tunes.

Studeo's three EPs have achieved over 20,000 plays on Jango and are achieving airplay on many radio stations around the world. Studeo's music is played on The Independent Music Show (Irelands International Syndicated Music Show), ICR (New Zealand), Arzuk Radio (California), Sue Walton Show (US), DC Coast to Coast (US), CC Country (US), Spectrum Radio (UK), Neon Radio (Florida), Paul Mac Hamilton Radio (Australia), Ray Hewitt Valley Sunrise (Tasmania Australia) and many more.
Most of these radio stations broadcast internationally which provides an even broader exposure for this Australian duo.

The third EP from Studeo is titled "Our Perfect Place to Be". It continues the variation of genre and diversity of musical influences that are displayed in the first two EPs. The song "our perfect place to be" is a very cool, jazz influenced tune that is just so smooth….."I've loved you from the start" has a Motown flavour and is a great dancing track. Finally, I'm falling for you, has a great beat behind it and is a signature Studeo tune…..

Studeo's achievements during 2017....

  • I want to Make you mine – reached #4 on Fan Voted Chart (US) – June 2017 – Studeo's success on this chart is demonstrated by setting the record peak for an Australian song. Quite a feat as these charts have existed for around 20 years!

  • Studeo has been recognised by their nomination for Artist of the year 2017, (World Category, countries outside of the US and Canada) in the Josie Music Awards in Nashville.

  • Studeo's song I'm in Danger was recognised by the Rock on Neon show on Neon Radio in Florida as "Overlooked Gem of the Week" (included on regular playlist)

  • Arzuk radio in California, recognised Studeo as it's "Artist of the Month" in September 2017 (hourly show dedicated to Studeo's music 4 times per week).

  • Studeo wins award for "Artist of the Year" 2017, (World Category, countries outside of the US and Canada) in the Josie Music Awards in Nashville, September 2017.

  • Studeo has also recently been signed by American Record company Bongo Boy Records. Studeo's "This Time" will be featured in the compilation album "Volume XIV" and "Perfect place to be and Sunset in Corfu" will be featured on the "Love is " compilation, both to be released later in 2017. Studeo are now back home recording the next bag of tunes and working with their producer, Mr Paul Rockwell to develop the sound they have created with the their first three releases. There is a lot more to come from this outfit and you can expect more releases early in 2018.

So, keep your eye on Studeo as they strive for success, you won't be sorry.  

With "Our Perfect Place To Be" Studeo has a way of taking you back to the finger snapping, Sinatra days.

"I've Loved You From The Start" Studeo's New Release! I was surprised when I heard this catchy tune, which is great to dance to, with staying true to who Studeo is as musicians. No matter the genre, you know Studeo when you hear them.

"This Time" by Studeo, brings you in and holds you, they just have that knack of song writing and adding music and coming out with top songs.

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