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Featured Artist.....15/Sep'/2017......Roddan

Roddan, an American Singer-Songwriter from Seattle, WA paints lyrics and melodies with his original songs that connect us all. An experienced acoustic and electric guitar player, he shows us in his songs, his Singer-Songwriter, Folk, Americana, Blues, Rock, and Alt-Country influences.

His debut album "MUSIC HOUSE", consists of 11 original tracks recorded in Austin, TX, with SXSW award-winning producer, Rick Del Castillo, Austin A-list musicians, and final mastering at Yes Master Studios in Nashville.

Formerly a versatile lead guitar player performing with artists in the Pacific Northwest, Roddan decided to write and sing his own, sometimes very personal songs.
His album ranges from solo singer-songwriter style (Reconciliation, Empty Miles, Far Away, Whiskey, Pills, and Pain, Rain Keeps Coming Down), to upbeat full band ( I Can't See, Bitter Pill), a duet with female vocalist Patricia Vonne (Let Love Be Found), to southern rock and blues (Cross To Bear, Crossroad Dues), and finally, a driving acoustic, ethereal composition (Same Conversation).
Currently finishing up his second album, "Bleed" to be released May, 2017.



"Roddan has dropped a stunning solo album. Showing himself to be one of the better songwriters in the business nowadays. Roddan writes some of the deepest, most gut-wrenching, heart-stopping, memorable, beautiful, and joyous music you will ever hear. He wears his heart on his sleeve, and on this deeply personal album in places, he especially bares his soul. You can hear it in his plaintive voice, and in the powerful lyrical content. That said, the emotional power of this album is just off the charts. Few albums have hooked me on a first listen as this one has. Every song tells a poignant story and is accompanied by the perfect music for every word. Roddan is a serious poet and musician who, in simple, stark and melodic terms, can convey ideas in a ideas in a way that is accessible to every listener. Between the upbeat, full band songs and the contemplative, more stripped down ones, this is an album that will get under your skin and stay there."

Robbie Tee, JamSphere September 19th, 2016

"Roddan comes from, a wonderful modern take on the sound that has echoed from San Francisco coffee shops to London folk clubs for more than a life time, the sound of James Taylor, Neil Young, John Martyn and a list of other revolutionary acoustic guitar-slingers. But if you can see where Roddan comes from it is where he is going which is much more interesting. The references may be openly worn, and the template recognisable, but it is what he builds on it that is the joy. I've never really understood the term Americana but there is something inherently American about Bleed. Across just six tracks he travels through folk, country, blues, acoustic rock, balladry, reggae and torch song, often all within one song. Plaintive violin and emotive harmony vocals help tug the heartstrings and the result is a record that is emotive and soulful, built on the best traditions yet bringing something masterful to the table"

Dave Franklin, Dancing About Architecture July 25th, 2017

"Roddan is one of those rare artists who can actually create compelling and thought-provoking music with classy lyrics and world-class arrangements. His music is equally focused on lyrics and melodies, as shown through his recent release,"Bleed". This song has a diverse approach that highlights Roddan's unique style, while augmenting his songbook with yet another stunning piece with memorable melodies and infectious rhythms. "Bleed" features 6 brand new songs that showcase the artist's diverse approach and ability to defy genre definitions with his music. On the opening number, "Never Meant to Be", Roddan opens the record with a slightly melancholic and reflective vibe."Patty Jean' is one of my favorite tracks on this release - it is a folk-inspired number with some good old fashioned storytelling and vocal melodies that will immediately compel you to sing along to this talented artist."

Peter Vindani, TheBandCampDiaries July 24th, 2017

"Seriously good Americana music. Incredible song writing and composition by Scott Roddan, the driving force behind Bleed 432. Roddan is the fulcrum of this project, but nothing gets done alone. It truly does take a village. Roddan's village consists of Gina Chavez, who sings absolutely stellar backing vocals. Two things together that actually create something completely elevated and unique. In this case, one plus one may equal three or four. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Credit is also due to Phoebe Hunt on fiddle and vocals, Michael Ramos on keys, Phil Bass on percussion and vocals, and Rick del Castillo on guitar, bass, keys, and vocals. They really make these songs shine like a flawless diamond. No song exemplifies these components better than the opening track, Never Meant To Be. This song totally gives me chills. It touches me at the deepest levels possible. Bleed is steeped in perfection. Heartfelt, and poignant lyrics that Roddan does successfully."

Harry Kaplan, TWANGRI-LA Country Music Utopia July 16th, 2017

"Usually We Review a song or two To give Artists our honest opinion on their music, but when the artist is fully professional, sounds Great & has amazing song structure, we don't mind reviewing the whole Album. First Off "MUSIC HOUSE" Is Great, & everyone in the Room gave a thumbs up on the Sound (Good Mix & Mastering) & we also Listened Carefully to the Lyrics (Great Lyrics). Roddan's Music is Filled with Great stories & Real Life issues that everyone is familiar with & people could easily relate to these experiences which makes it appealing. The Artist Gives each Beat a Really Good Break Allowing them to resonate & become more heartfelt. This is Solid Work as the songs Tempo's keep Changing without Interrupting the feeling of the Album, It Just Keeps Riding & That's not an easy task to accomplish in production & Songwriting. (AWESOME) Great Job, Making great Music & Presenting it professionally So In This Review, I'll Just Give a TWO THUMBS UP & A FIVE STAR***** GREAT W"

Gareth Hay, Terra Entertainment Group April 19th, 2017

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