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"Old School Punk / Hard Rock from Pennsylvania Since 1979"

Scanner was formed by Joe Brady (lead vocals and bass) and Junnie Fortney (guitars) in 1979 in Central Pennsylvania. They were later joined by Troy Alwine on drums. Scanner's influences encompass a wide range of styles, including the pioneers of 50s rock and roll, 60s hard rock and surf, 70s glam and punk, and even traditional country music.

The band name "Scanner" came into being in 1980, when Joe read an article in a monster magazine about a new movie coming out called "Scanners" and liked the imagery of heads exploding, and imagined it being the effect of hearing Scanner music!

To date, Scanner has released full-length albums, "Exploding Heads in Harrisburg - Live Recordings From 1982", "One foot in the grave, and more pissed than ever", "Splat", and four-song EP, "Under the Devil's Tail".

Growing up in the 60s and 70s as what Joe calls a "monster kid" of the era, he's always been a rabid fan of horror / sci-fi movies, books, vintage toys, and magazines. In fact, the newest Scanner single and video, "Membrane Men" is a song about a now grown-up monster kid from the 60s, who is haunted by creatures that were part of an old toy he once treasured as a child.

Growing up in a small town in Pennsylvania in the 60s and 70s, listening to rock music and riding motorcycles were not only some of Junnie Fortney's first loves, but he learned quickly that they were a way to rebel. Music and motorcycles have been central to his life ever since. Those years were a rich time for music, and bands like Bloodrock, Uriah Heep, CCR, ZZ Top, Bowie, glam, and punk rock fueled the rebellious fires.

Troy Alwine grew up in Hanover, Pennsylvania and while in high school, his interest in percussion lead to joining marching band, concert band, and Jazz band. Following high school, Troy left his hometown and became an aircraft maintenance crew chief on a KC-135 in the U.S. Air Force, and while there, he received his degree in Music Theory and Composition.

Scanner – Under the Devil’s Tail

Sep16 by RingMaster

If there is one thing you are sure of getting with US outfit Scanner, it is a healthy and seriously persuasive outing of punk rock and so it is again with their latest EP, Under the Devil's Tail. Offering four slices of unfussy rock 'n' roll sculpted with an openly accomplished hand and imagination, the EP embraces the mixture of old school punk, garage rock, and virtually every other rock 'n' roll scent you might imagine which has already fired up previous successful releases, boiling it up for another highly enjoyable stomp.

Maybe due to it only being four tracks, the EP seems less broad in its sound and adventure than within Splat but uses that restraint to nurture a character which is the heart of the band’s sound and more tenacious and persuasive than anything before. The release opens up with its title track, Under the Devil’s Tail strolling in on Alwine’s tempting rhythms which are soon joined by the equally teasing mumble of Brady’s bass. The hook spun out by Fortney’s guitar quickly after has The Damned all over it, a hue especially potent when combined with the continuing bait of that moody bass. Dirty rock ‘n’ roll soon consumes ears and song as Brady’s eager tones jump on board, the song drawing on a mix of seventies punk and pub rock along with heavy rock textures lured from across the decades.

More persuasive with every listen, it is a potent start soon eclipsed by next up Tapeworm which starts up like a rock ‘n’ roll Pere Ubu before note by note hints at greater Ramones like revelry in its cranky romp.  Like its predecessor, the song only strengthens its grip on ears and appetite over time though it too finds itself overshadowed by its own successor.

Without doubt Membrane Men emerged the firm favourite within the EP, its opening bass lure and subsequent synth misting deliciously Devo-esque before Dead Kennedy like devilry leaps on the imagination. The track hits the spot straight away, emulating its companions in tightening its hold and our involvement with every passing minute spent in its presence.

Final track is Hippie Authority Song, a slice of street natured punk rock unafraid to add some bluesy hard rock strains to its raucous escapade. As all the songs, it has mischief on its face and in its heart which alone endears itself whilst fuelled by a sound which refuses to be anything other than true to its instincts and inspirations. It all makes for one inescapably enjoyable time; a description fully fitting the whole of Under the Devil’s Tail which may not make your top ten end of year but will still be satisfying your punk appetites as others slip away.

Scanner is currently working on their next release, scheduled to come out in Summer of 2018.


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