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Featured Artist.....22/September/2017 Shiny Glide

Shiny Glide is a singer, songwriter, poet and lyricist. Originally from Italy where he is also known as Antonello Venneri, and he has spent a long time performing and recording in America and Ireland and more recently in Dominican Republic for the more exotic, relaxing and warmer atmospheres and where he made some new music videos.

In his long lasting career as an Artist he lived, created, and performed his art all over the world. Dublin, New Orleans, Los Angeles, Philadelphia where some of the stops on his musical journey. As "King of the Air" he presented his excellent music through YouTube where he collected very positive reaction from the public worldwide.

Shiny Glide touches the soul and hearts of his fans every single time he performs live or through his above mentioned YouTube-Platform. As a free spirit he goes beyond any conventions and create his music as he feels in that moment. Today he can write an excellent blues, tomorrow it just can be a great rock ballad.

With his extremely versatile skills Shiny Glide is always a good address to find the right music for the actual mood. In English or Italian it does not matter his lyrics touches the soul of every listener. Soon after finishing his new CD, 'I Am', he will be touring as a solo artist through Scotland and northern Europe and the States.

Booking agents and record labels are welcome to support and promote Shiny Glide internationally.


Shiny Glide is pure music and inspiration, as free and as natural as a gliding albatross. The music styles ranges from psychedelic rock to blues, from romantic and spiritual ballads to oriental and alternative music. Shiny Glide is an international act available for tours and festivals and always open to artistic collaborations of any kind with professional and spiritual support as long as it doesn't hurt peace of mind and creative freedom.

All his CDs are available on the digital global market, he is now promoting his new CD "I am" and his new video "Jasmine" that is doing very well on You Tube together with all of his videos which are available on his You Tube channel....Shiny Glide.... 

He is a poet, songwriter and performer with international experience and considers himself a true lover of music, he is willing to expand and be more than a productive, adventurous and solitary but appreciated virtual artist... he is now planning to move back to the USA and promote his music and play live tours and concerts in the USA and Europe to achive the international recognition and fame he believes his music deserves.

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