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Featured Artist.....14/July/2017......

Solomon Edmond aka Solex:

A native of Bridgeport, Connecticut, I grew up as a PK (Preacher’s Kid) and was exposed to the arts and music early in his childhood.  I am the oldest of three siblings and began drawing at a very early age and playing the bass guitar at the age of 15 with my family’s gospel quartet.

My career as a graphic artist evolved and as a result of my passion for the arts and desire to make my dream of owning my own graphic design business a realty, Solex Enterprises was birthed in 2002 which was later renamed to Solex & Associates in 2008, in order to accommodate my music and fashion design endeavors.  My unique style of art and design has been purposed for excellence and has garnished many clients. 

In April, 2007, I made my official debut to the music industry with the release of Together Again, a soulful compilation of jazz, rooted in gospel with a mild mix of Latin and R&B beats. The CD is a tribute to his my cousin, Jonathan DuBose.  We grew up together in Bridgeport, Connecticut. I would go to the basement in Jonathan’s house and play bass while Jonathan played lead.  After many years of separation, we back came Together Again on this project.  Jonathan is the baddest guitarist in the land.  He is also known in the gospel industry as the prophesying ­guitarist. I later released a CD entitled “Love Language,” “The B-Side,” and most recently, “Smooth Soul.”  

In one word Solomon’s music can be described as UniverSoul ~ “one universal sound that soothes the soul.The language of his music is universal. 


Originally trained to be a graphic designer at the Atlanta College of Art, a near-death experience took this artist back to his first love, music. Diagnosed with the potentially life threatening disease, Sarcoidosis of the lungs, the graphic design student was forced to drop out of school and convalesce at his parents for several years. What first looked like a wasted opportunity and a big set back turned out to be a lifetime calling.

Solomon grew up with music at the heart of the family's Gospel ministry, in his native Bridgeport, Connecticut. This early exposure to music led this eldest son of a preacher to begin playing the bass guitar at age 15 with his family’s gospel quartet, The Edmond Family. His passion for playing the keyboard ultimately led him to a career as a Minister of Music for over 25 years as well as a Music Director for stage plays.

Solomon's official musical career started with the release of his album Together Again (2007), a soulful compilation of jazz, rooted in gospel with a mild mix of Latin and R&B beats. The CD is a tribute to fellow musician and his cousin, Jonathan Dubose.

The recording artist is prolific in writing, arranging, producing and has released 2 singles and 6 albums since 2007 including his 2016 LP entitled Your Face. Hard work has certainly paid off as Solomon has had a couple of number 1 hits in the UK, "If I Fall" and "It Ain’t in Me". Solomon treats each day as a gift with his mission to inspire and move others. He embraced a unique opportunity for rebirth, that led him to create an original blend of genres inspired by Gospel, Jazz, Neo-Soul, RnB, and Soft Rock. His emotional experiences add a personal and soulful touch to all of his music.

He touches subjects as diverse as "celebrating the beauty of the female face" to "reflections about race relations". Slow is a slow R&B duet ballad that urges us to slow down and pay attention to whatever it is that makes life worth it for you. Inspired by music giants Earth, Wind & Fire and George Duke, this solo artist seeks to create music that masterfully incorporates harmonies, speaks of various genres of life, cleverly chosen instrumentation, and beautifully harnessed chord progressions to move his audience like he first was hearing his idols.

And although his long term goal is to write, arrange, and produce for up and coming artists, Solomon will keep creating and sharing his sound, speaking to the listener's soul and dreams.

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