Dark Miles

Dark Miles


'Featured Artist...16/February/2024...Dark Miles'

Dark Miles the solo project of Pedro Lima(a.k.a. Pete Miles), lead singer of the extinct rock band from Portugal, called "MOSH". Pete went into an artistic hiatus after the band was over, but that hiatus ended with the arrival of the pandemic, the main responsible for a surge of creativity that resulted in an album, focused on his other influences, the 80s and 90s alternative rock.

With influences ranging from Depeche Mode, David Bowie, Iggy Pop, Peter Murphy, The Sound, Psychedelic Furs and Peter Gabriel, to Mad Season, Stone Temple Pilots, Chris Cornell, Mother Love Bone, Temple of the Dog, Mark Lanegan, etc, Pete Miles tries with this album to pay homage to these two brilliant decades of international music.

Stereostickman Magazine:

"Portugal creative Dark Miles presents a uniquely engaging form of alternative rock, a distinct style encapsulated by the powerful new single Your Heart Is An Empty Street. Inspired by the likes of Peter Murphy, David Bowie and Depeche Mode, Dark Miles uncovers the essence of freedom on escaping a life of abuse and violence, with the compelling humanity and heartfelt intensity of the new single."

Darkus Magazine:

"Portuguese based Dark Miles brings out Your Heart Is An Empty Street. Written with depth and honesty, this track which brilliantly draws you in as you really immerse yourself in its overflow of energy. Although being described as post-grunge, listening to the voice of the lead singer reminds me of the style of Nick Cave, Morrissey and even Sonic Youth. I also like the fact that you can really feel the momentum building in the song, whereby the chorus in the 3rd minute you are singing it at the top of your lungs. Dark Miles, I personally feel has the potential of being the dark horse of the 2024 music scene, so be sure you keep your eyes open because good things are coming.


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