'Featured Artist...01/March/2024...Emmi Iida'

EMMI IIDA is finally unveiling her dreamy debut album, The Eye, on the 22nd of February 2024 via EFG Records. The songs in the project were written by EMMI herself and co-written and produced by Jessica Sharman, while the album was mixed & mastered by Femke Weidema.

EMMI IIDA is a multi-modal creative - a visual artist, holistic interior architect & musician, carving a unique space for herself in the music industry. EMMI IIDA has received support from distinguished publications and stations such as METAL Magazine, CLASH Magazine, NOCTIS Mag, Earmilk, BBC 6's Craig Charles and RTÉ 2FM.

Born in Hollola, Finland, EMMI IIDA began playing the piano at 5 years old. She spent her early years in a musical elementary school, singing in a choir and in an acapella band, performing her first solo in front of a crowd at 9. This early exposure to music had her singing in front of the TV and making her own songs constantly. In her search to continually create and express in unlimited forms, she founded her own company EFG Productions, as well as EFG Records, a record label focusing on drawing out holistic well-being with healing frequencies.

The Eye is a 14-track odyssey through EMMI IIDA's sonic galaxy of ideas and feelings. Exploring themes of self-actualization, intimacy, cosmic meaning, love, empowerment and spirituality, EMMI's lyrics are rich and inspiring. Her smooth, ethereal vocal delivery - both spoken and sung - brings these concepts to life with meditative ease and powerful passion. The sonic tale is vibrantly told: crisp, reverberant, trippy production that defies genres glues the project together, while each track's mood and energy is distinct with ample flavour and variety. From the downtempo trippy chillhop of 'Higher Self' to the pulsing, sultry spoken word vocal fry of 'Trinity' to the avant-pop anthem focus track 'Our Love', featuring tender rap verses and vocals from Bryce Green, The Eye offers the listener a deeply spiritual sonic experience.


  1. Emmi Iida - Box - E.F.G. - Featured Artist
  2. Dave Curl - Lockdown - Copyright
  3. Viperwitch - Hellbound  – Copyright
  4. Deborah Henriksson - My Lagan Love - Copyright
  5. Y Dail - Silly Boy - Copyright
  6. Re Mattei - Save It For Someone Who Cares - Stephensindiepicks
  7. Lords Of Salem - Eternal Love - Curtain Call
  8. ANA - I'm Not The One - Eclipes
  9. Anamoe Drive - Goodbye & Goodluck - Faction Records
  10. T.Natty - Spread Love  - Copyright
  11. Jazz Mino - Suffocate - Copyright
  12. Cabela and Schmitt - Spring Song - Copyright
  13. Emmi Iida Ft' Bryce Green - Our Love - E.F.G. - Featured Artist