'Featured Artist...29/March/2024...Rok Ali

Alison Krebs, known as Rok Ali, ignited her musical journey in the embrace of the sacred music community, while simultaneously being captivated by the burgeoning emergence of rock & roll, as orchestrated by her older siblings. The allure of rock's sound captured her heart, sparking a lifelong love affair. Yet, the path she walked was marred by the shadows of addiction, a tempest that veiled her spiritual and musical pursuits.

Alison's voice is now accompanied by a renewed passion – her addiction to music.

Emerging from the darkness, she has now ascended to the forefront of Rok Ali and The Addiction, a formidable hard rock collective comprised of remarkable musicians. At the heart of this resurgence stands Chris Nix, a guitar virtuoso who saw his early years jamming with luminaries from James Brown';s band in a jazz club setting. His journey led him to perform, tour, and record with names like Jo Dee Messina, Billy Ray Cyrus, Tonic, and a five-year partnership with Jonathan Davis of Korn.

Bassist Lee Beverly spent nearly two decades backing the legendary Eddie Money. Lee's bass became a foundation for legends like Mickey Thomas, Lou Gramm, and others. Kevin Murphy, the rhythmic heartbeat of the band on drums, is a name that resonates with musicians and fans alike. Sharing stages with a diverse range of genres and artists, from Tonic to Daughtry, his drumming prowess is an auditory spectacle.

Together they form Rok Ali and The Addiction – a seamless blend of sophistication and darkness, their sound resonates with complexity and surprise, a true testament to their creative prowess.

Following the success of their 2022 self-titled debut album and the resounding impact of their last few releases Rok Ali and The Addiction unveil their latest track: 'The Charming Snake'.

This song is an invitation to consider what direction you want to take.

Rok Ali's mesmerising vocals, coupled with the band's ability to transport listeners back to the golden era of 90s heavy rock, evoke echoes of legendary bands like The Smashing Pumpkins and Nine Inch Nails.

The track showcases the stunning musicality of the band with an incredible guitar solo coupled with Alisons trademark vocals.

Past releases have garnered coverage from 100s of radio stations worldwide and have seen the band generate praise from the likes of Clash and Fame Magazine


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