'Featured Artist...Friday 05 April 2024...the_subtheory'

The Subtheory is a synth-based dark trip hop project founded by composer, writer, DJ and producer, Andy Hill. It's expanded over the last two years to include Cate Debu on vocals, George Lambourne on Bass and Pat Scott on Lead Guitar. The band is based in Oxford but is available to travel for gigs

The Subtheory's evocative music paints pictures and creates a perfect atmospheric backdrop to support other media such as song, tv, film, podcast and gaming.

The Subtheory recently wrote the score for DEFIANCE, an award winning documentary about protest in sport narrated by Olympic champion Michael Johnson. They also soundtracked the Golden Rose of Montreux nominated BBC Sounds podcast; MOMENT OF TRUTH narrated by James Nesbitt

Their music has been featured on BBC primetime TV, in Working Title films and on TV sporting event coverage including the Olympics, Boxing, American Football, European Football Championships, and the legendary Match of the Day.

They have also produced and remixed other artists of many genres - most recently the "Summertime" collaboration with Janelle Monae's lead guitarist and musical director, Kellindo Parker.

Away from his own music, Hill also presents electronic music radio show, Electropod,is an avid hiker and climber, having summited Mount Kilimanjaro. He is also a committed supporter of human rights causes.

With a long career working with major record labels and two critically acclaimed albums behind him, Hill is exploring the deeper electronic side of his music and influences.

The Subtheory's sound speaks of Hill's experience splitting his time between the UK and Los Angeles.The music draws from a darker, grittier version of a neo-retro dystopia: Bladerunner noir meets cyberpunk detective.

Andy Hill has always loved making music starting off with his parents' mono record collection as he created on-the-fly remixes with pause buttons and the early days of MPC samplers before moving into the fully digital age of software DAWs.

Through the years, Hill has experimented and explored many genres but with a sustained ethos to create music that moves people - whether it be their feet, their hearts or their minds.


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