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Hi Everyone, My name is Tom Lambert and today I bring to you a musical introduction to Chuck Eaton from São Paulo, in Brazil.
Chuck is a singer-songwriter, who will immerse you in an easy listening sit back and relaxed atmosphere of content and love. He brings thirty years of experience to his expert use of lyrics and musicality and has a vocal quality and feel for his craft second to none.

His new album 'Tracks' consist of 13 love melodies put together with the precision of an expert word-smith and accomplished musician to a standard which will bring you new emotions and feelings long forgotten.

I am pleased to bring you this audio documentary of Brazilian Chuck Eaton's latest release 'Tracks'. One hour of pure musical and lyrical pleasure from an artist and writer who obviously not only lives for his work, but is happy also, to share it with the world.

''A Musical Introduction To Chuck Eaton's Album “Tracks" by Tom Lambert on Mixcloud

He was raised in the Capital of Brazil, Brasilia where in the 70s he formed his first band. He was the bass player and vocalist and they performed English songs...influenced by The Beatles and The Bee Gees and other big charts hits from 70's, but today he tells me he dedicates his time to writing, composing, arranging and recording his works and it shows in the perfection he achieves in this his latest album “Tracks”. Comparing life to rail-road tracks and not knowing if the destination is all we wish for...
Chucks brothers and his son are also musicians although they at the moment do not have any recordings to there credit...Maybe in the future, because things have a way of changing...sometimes for the best and sadly sometimes for the worst.

I hope you enjoy this musical journey of original compositions brought to you on this....

''A Musical Introduction To Chuck Eaton's Album “Tracks" by Tom Lambert on Mixcloud

| | |

It has been a tremendous pleasure for me to have the opportunity to bring such professional and awe inspiring easy listening music to you the listener.

This album exudes the talent of a man who is steeped in his work and to my mind enjoys everything life and love has to offer. His musical ability with composition and instrumentation is second to none. His arrangement of lyric and music are as natural as a pair of love-birds on the branch of a tree. His many accolades from reviewers and music critics are a testament to his natural talent, as a performer and writer of music.

As one reviewer was moved to write...By Skope;

Chuck Eaton is a gifted artist who is quite adept at mixing musical styles and creating a wide array of moods, tones and settings. This collection is certainly no exception. Chuck has a powerful sense of melody – the songs are beautifully crafted with lovely cord changes and arrangements to match.

Sit down, relax, put your headphones on, and just listen to the music. This collection of songs is a quality effort from a veteran songwriter who still has something to say (especially about love). It is direct, sincere, and has Chuck Eaton writing from the heart and singing like it all matters.

Even if you know little about Chuck Eaton, but are into “Adult Contemporary” easy-listening music, I encourage you to listen to “Tracks” with an open mind. I’m confident you will not regret the time you invest.

My name is Tom Lambert....Catch you on the flip-side...adeus, despedida, Slán, byeee.....

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